21st Century Scholars Enrollment:
Best Practices Toolkit

21st Century Scholars is the most generous Indiana aid program to help make that possible. However, only 51% of eligible students in Marion County were enrolled last year. Curious how your school performs on enrollment? Check out the enrollment rates.

As we strive to provide opportunities for all students, we want to share best practices for all Marion County schools. We asked the folks at various schools who had the most success enrolling eligible students (90% or more) for their keys to success, and here they are for you to use:


1. Create your list

  • Register on ScholarTrack if you haven’t done so already (and bookmark the site for easy access). Use ScholarTrack to see the students from your school who are already enrolled in 21CS.

  • Use your school information system (Powerschool, Skyward, etc.) to pull a list of 7th and 8th graders who are eligible to receive free or reduced lunch. The income requirements are the same for both programs.

  • We recommend you focus on 8th grade students who are free or reduced lunch eligible and not yet enrolled in 21CS.

  • Refine your list monthly by checking new enrollments on ScholarTrack.

2. Get students signed up!

Successful schools primarily used the paper Application Worksheet to get student information, and then the counselor enrolled students on ScholarTrack. Before giving to students, be sure to fill in your information in this section at the top of the form:


Here are some ideas for getting these paper forms filled out and returned:

  • OFFICIAL LETTER: Send home a letter explaining the importance of the 21CS Program on your school letterhead and include the application worksheet.

  • CO-BRAND: Tie enrollment into existing programming. If a permission slip is required for another school activity, include the application worksheet as well.

  • PARENT EVENTS: Engage parents/guardians when they are in the school building for Parent Teacher conferences, award programming, sporting events, etc. with the application worksheet to fill out on the spot.

  • PHONE CALLS: Call parents/guardians directly at home. Afterward, send home a paper Application Worksheet with their student.

  • ROBO-CALLS: Set up a robo-call with your principal or mass text (Remind App) to announce when application worksheets are being sent home with students.

  • TEACHERS: Work with teachers to coordinate a competition for application completion among classrooms, and offer an incentive (ie: pizza party).

  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Utilize school social media accounts or newsletters to communicate directly to parents.